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Minshuku Ryokan Sarobetsu
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Town at 45 degrees north latitude.
Welcome to Minshuku Ryokan Sarobetsu!

It all began in 1950 when the restaurant "Kounai Shokudo" was opened in front of Horonobe Station. In recent years, a new building has also been added.
It is located right next to Horonobe Station, where the limited express train runs, and its daily homemade dishes are popular. Fully equipped with washing machine and dryer. For long-term stays and business use.


Minshuku Ryokan Sarobetsu 
History and changes

 In July 1950, when Hidehira Takahashi (born in Biei, Hokkaido) and his wife Humie (born in Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, maiden name Masuda) were in their thirties, they opened a restaurant called "Konai Shokudo" in front of Horonobe Station.
 At that time, Japan National Railways was in its heyday. Horonobe Station, the last stop on the Haboro Line, was filled with people all day long, filled with JNR employees, their families, and passengers transferring to the Soya Main Line. The cafeteria was open from the first train to the last train, and was thriving as it also catered for catering, delivery, and banquets.

 After Hidehira suddenly passed away in November 1964, his eldest son Hideaki succeeded him along with his mother.
 After that, Hideaki graduated from Tokyo Culinary School and decided to make a living in the cooking and restaurant industry in his hometown, which is blessed with nature and ingredients.
 In 1975, the store was renovated to strengthen banquet and catering operations, and the name was changed to "Sarobetsu Kaikan".
 From around 1997, the business shifted to boarding houses as long-term lodging for construction workers, and with the approval of the inn business in 2004, the plan to build an inn that had been in the works for many years became a reality, and in the same year Renovation began in December.
 Construction of the newly built inn, which began in April 2005, was completed on July 7th after receiving all permits. Although the application for building certification is for hotels and inns, the name of the inn category was intentionally chosen as "Minshuku Ryokan Sarobetsu".
 In this area, the white smoke of steam locomotives rose, the sound of whistles and powerful axles could be heard day and night, and cargo to the Snow Brand Horonobe Factory was transported by "trolley" and "horse-drawn carriage".
 It was also the departure point for the coal mines in Toikanbetsu. At its peak, an average of 1,000 passengers came and went each day. This is also where Horonobe Station, the Japan National Railways Supply Department, and the Konai Shokudo flourished.
In 2005, Horonobe Station celebrated its 80th anniversary.

July 2005
Sarobetsu Kaikan Co., Ltd. Minshuku Ryokan Sarobetsu

1950Opened a restaurant "Konai Shokudo" in front of Horonobe Station.
1978Expanded and renovated to strengthen banquets and catering
Changed name to "Sarobetsu Kaikan"
2004Expanded and renovated as a restaurant and guest house
2005Opened Minshuku Ryokan Sarobetsu.
2014Opened the annex "Minshuku Ezokanzo"
2017Established "Sarobetsu Kaikan Co., Ltd."
2019Opening of annex "Lilac"
2019Developed a special homemade sauce exclusively for Genghis Khan and started selling "Horonobe Genghis Khan"
2022Opening of non-face-to-face hotel "Smart Hotel Horonobe"


1-6 1-jo Minami, Horonobe-cho, Teshio-gun, Hokkaido 098-3211, Japan

Traffic access
1 minute walk from JR Horonobe Station.

If coming by car
Proceed from National Route 40 to Prefectural Route 121, in front of JR Horonobe Station.
Free parking In front of the building, or along the building on the left when facing the front.

From Sapporo
Via Hokkaido Expressway/National Route 232...Approximately 4 hours 10 minutes
From Asahikawa
Via National Route 40...Approximately 3 hours 10 minutes
From Wakkanai
Via National Route 232, National Route 40...Approximately 55 minutes